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St. Croix Church

We are glad that you are here. Whether you visit for one or two weeks or stay for years, whether you come to services on a regular basis or just hang out at parties and social events, you are welcome.

Early (Celtic) Service at 9:30 am on Sunday (last Sunday of the month only on Zoom)

Main Service at 10:30 on Sunday (speaker May 20 – Jessica Williams)


Important note for lovers of St. Croix Church:

We are experiencing a significant shortfall in operating funds at SCC and would like to ask people who love this community to be extra generous in support over the next few months. We maintained things very well through the last two years of the pandemic, partly due to the Canadian government’s supplemental aid to non-profits. Now that this help has ended, and church attendance has not yet recovered to pre-pandemic levels, we are struggling to meet our obligations. Thank you!

While many feel a sense of relief that COVID-19 mandates have ended, there are also many who still feel anxieties about the virus spreading among us. Though wearing masks won’t be mandated, you’re always welcome to choose to do what feels best for you. Please continue to be responsible and respectful of those around you. If you’re symptomatic or have been exposed to the virus, please stay home or mask up and distance yourself from others.

Come and join us at the Victoria Street Centre

We are meeting in person, masks provided if needed.
We are all in these days together.
Love one another. Be kind!
The Imagination Team has begun exploring options for St. Croix Church moving forward. This includes gathering input from the Imagination Team, the current leadership team, and the wider community that has interacted with St. Croix Church up to this point. We’ve developed some questions that give an idea of the kinds of areas we would like input in, and that can help inform conversations through a semi-structured interview style. If you would like to participate in this, you can email Jess Williams at tojesswilliams@gmail.com to get one of the team members to connect with you. There is also an option to submit your input online if you would prefer via this link . Submissions can include your name or be anonymous. Thank you for your thoughts as we take our next steps in this process.

Latest Messages

May 22, 2022

The God Who sees Me

Today, Jessica Williams explored ideas about what it means to be seen by God. She began with the story of Hagar, relying on womanist midrash for deeper insights into the lived experience of Hagar. After this introduction everyone was invited to share what they noticed through this lens, and all…
May 15, 2022

Snapping Back

The focus of this talk was on some of the ways that the Christian Church has fallen back into cultural norms over the centuries. A moment of enlightenment and social advance is often followed by an "unlearning", resulting in the institutional side of things becoming more important than the Spirit-infused…

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