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St. Croix Church

We are glad that you are here. Whether you visit for one or two weeks or stay for years, whether you come to services on a regular basis or just hang out at parties and social events, you are welcome.

Early (Celtic) Service at 9:30 am on Sundays in the café upstairs
(Come early for coffee/muffins or you can join by Zoom)


Second Service at 10:30 on Sundays 

After adapting and experimenting in various ways to stay connected during the pandemic, we are now meeting freely. Please know that you are welcome if you choose to wear a mask, and we’d encourage you to stay home and join the early service by Zoom or listen to the podcast of the 2nd service if you’re feeling unwell.

Come and join us at the Victoria Street Centre

We are all in these days together.
Love one another. Be kind!
30th party

St. Croix Church Update

On Sunday, Oct. 9, we celebrated our 30th anniversary as a church. We also felt a mixture of gratitude and sadness as we said goodbye to Pete and Mary Ellen Fitch, who have pastored the community for these 30 years and are now retiring. We are now entering a new season after many months of preparing for this transition. You can check out our new leadership here.


Latest Messages

street art - girl prayingTalks
January 22, 2023

U2 and God’s Dream

This week Vic Thiessen continued on the theme of "God's Dream" with the help of inspiration from U2.
drawing of heart made of flowers with bees and butterfliesTalks
January 15, 2023

What Is God’s Dream?

This week Jess shared more reflections on the poem that we used last week ("God's Dream" by Charles Peguy) and its relevance to the season of Epiphany - recognizing the Presence of God's heart as we experience what resonates in us.

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