Welcome to
St. Croix Church

We are glad that you are here. Whether you visit for one or two weeks or stay for years, whether you come to services on a regular basis or just hang out at parties and social events, you are welcome.

Main Service – Sundays at 10:30!


We will not be meeting in-person during orange. The Early Service will be by Zoom (get invite from Facebook page or Walter. The Main Service will be posted to the Website and to Facebook.


  • Come and join us at the Victoria Street Centre!
  • Masks mandatory inside – provided if needed.
  • BYOC – bring your own coffee!
  • There are activity packs available for kids during the service.

We have a dedicated entrance (east side door) and exit (ramp door) when having meetings inside the building. Use the provided hand sanitizer when you enter and sign in with your name and contact information. Be aware of others and avoid stopping to talk on the staircase or in doorways.

Please remain socially distanced from those not in your bubble. Masks will be provided as needed or you may bring your own.

During these days of social distancing the Celtic (Early) Service is meeting (with masks) in the cafe most Sundays (with Facebook Live broadcasts available most weeks for those who can’t or prefer not to meet in person). The last Sunday of the month, the Celtic Service takes place only over Zoom with a focus on connecting with everyone near and far.

Janell is doing some activities with the youth (contact Janell for more info). Music is being shared through YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and on the website.

Find safe and creative ways to practice physical distancing. Keep aware of your neighbours who are vulnerable and may not have social or Internet connections. We are all in these days together. Love one another. Be kind!

Latest Messages

January 10, 2021

Protest as Prayer

Walter Thiessen - This is a follow-up to another reflection on the parable of the Persistent Widow by Mark Groleau at SCC on December 20. This explores the idea of active protest as prayer that enables imagination and keeps belief alive. I'd invite you to follow up the talk by…
January 3, 2021

Holy Beauty

Peter Fitch wonders about the meaning of the old phrase, “the beauty of holiness.” Different people give their ideas about what it might mean in light of their experiences in life. Peter then imagines it through the eyes of Martin Buber. What if it had more to do with appreciating…

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