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October 2022

SCC Finances

By Finance

Here is a link to our latest financial statement; this shows our 2022 income and expenses, as well as the 2023 budget just affirmed at our last AGM on Feb. 26.

If you have any questions about finances at SCC, please talk with Walter, Jess or Rosie anytime.

Please connect with Rosie if you would like to set up a regular e-transfer autodeposit. Here are some different options for giving.

One of the easiest ways to give is to e-transfer to

Welsh crosses and ruins

Blessings on Imperfect Saints

By Talks

We had our first communion liturgy service (downstairs). You can hear the readings and listen to Jess Williams share some reflections on All Saints Day with the help of Nadia Bolz-Weber and some responses from those gathered (you may have to turn your volume up to hear some of them).

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Diversity, Inclusion and Interdependence

By Talks

Jess Williams begins sharing about the four “core longings” that the Imagination Team heard from those that they interviewed on their hopes for the SCC community. The first is the longing for continued growth in diversity and inclusion, and Jess connected our need for diversity with Jesus’ emphasis on including the marginalized and on the interdependence that is named for us so well in 1 Corinthians 12.

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30th Birthday Celebration

By Talks

This Sunday marked the 30th anniversary of St. Croix Church. It was also Thanksgiving Weekend and the day that Peter and Mary Ellen Fitch chose as a retirement date. All of these things were celebrated with songs, an open mic for people to share what the church has meant to them, and a potluck time with cake.

The audio podcast this week is limited to the middle hour of the time together but includes all of the open mic sharing. The video contains the complete service.

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A God I Can Trust

By Talks

Brad Jersak talks about the humility of God that’s bigger than the Christian brand. God comes to some people anonymously, but in the wounds of Jesus we find a God who suffers with us — a God who accepts us as we are and shares our experience.

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