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March 2023

mural at Denver Airport - Children of the World Dream of Peace

God’s Dream for a New World

By Talks

Bradley Jersak, friend of SSC, spoke about God’s dream for a new world based on the vivid imagery of Isaiah 2, 9, 25 and 35, with a nod to Revelation 21-22. These dreams are not about heaven after we die or at the end of time, but meant for real life in our world.

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walking down dark street, fading

Vampires, Atheism, & Re-Creation

By Talks

In today’s talk, ‘Vampires, Atheism, & Re-Creation’, Jacob Rose shares how he has been affected by his experience of “Atheism for Lent”, a faith decentering practice using the profane as a mode of purifying spiritual dogmatism.

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SCC Finances

By Finance

Here is a link to our latest financial statement; this shows our 2022 income and expenses, as well as the 2023 budget just affirmed at our last AGM on Feb. 26.

If you have any questions about finances at SCC, please talk with Walter, Jess or Rosie anytime.

Please connect with Rosie if you would like to set up a regular e-transfer autodeposit. Here are some different options for giving.

One of the easiest ways to give is to e-transfer to