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August 2023

friends with feet in the air holding hands

Friendship & Connection

By Talks

Our well-being benefits greatly from healthy mutually beneficial relationships. In this conversation Marilyn and Virginia explore knowing what you need from connection and thoughts on how to intentionally work on getting our needs for community met.

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Goodness & Rest

By Talks
garden chair and water fountain

This morning, Walter emphasized the importance of a rhythm that encourages us to acknowledge goodness and take a real rest – the rhythm of Sabbath. We hope that your summer is giving you an opportunity for good rest! (Walter forgot to start the recording, but you can read the transcript and look at the powerpoint. And notice that the powerpoint ends with a slide set celebrating some of the wonderful things that we’ve seen in our church community since our transitions and re-structuring at the end of last year! Also, after that slide set, Walter ended by showing these two versions of “A Wonderful World” to help us fall in love with the Beauty of the Earth and Humanity) Planet Earth version and Playing for Change version.

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painting of Jesus holding scripture

Jesus: New And Old

By Talks

In the lectionary readings this week, we read how Jesus explained the Kingdom of God as “the new and the old.” Mark Groleau focuses on how polarized Jesus’ time was – just like today. But Jesus’ “new way” was compassion, and the conviction that he had started a new age of healing and equality among his followers.

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