Prayer and Paralysis

By November 18, 2018 May 26th, 2020 No Comments

      November 18

Peter Fitch takes a look at a story from Luke, ch. 5. It’s about the friends that bring a paralyzed person to Jesus on a stretcher. Peter uses the story as a jumping-off place to discuss the paralyzing sense of defeat that some people experience in life. For this part he quotes Jordan Peterson regarding lobsters and serotonin. But Peter doesn’t feel able to follow Peterson’s advice to “stand up and straighten your shoulders” without a strength that comes from outside of himself. So he next turns to Mike McHargue to discuss the difference between intercessory and contemplative prayer. This leads to a description of 4 different kinds of God, and a prayer experiment that Peter thinks might lead to “neurological nesting”, creating a place for God to meet with us in our brains.

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