Main Service

***During these days of Covid-19 restrictions, we are meeting at 10:30 in the Victoria Street Centre. There will be music and teaching and there are individual activity packs available for children. BYOC – bring your own coffee! Masks are now mandatory at public gatherings. We have some on hand if you forget yours.

SCC is a contemporary church located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Canada. Services are held on Sunday mornings. There are also various groups or events at different times throughout most weeks.

Sunday services are informal. Everyone is welcome. Our most regular teachers are Peter Fitch and Walter Thiessen but quite a few men and women share their thoughts from time to time. Some messages seem serious and are touching; others are light-hearted and fun. There are usually questions or comments and, at times, banter from the rest of the crowd.

At the end of most services there are opportunities to sing, pray, or chat.

Celtic Service

Sunday mornings, upstairs in the café
9:15 am: coffee/tea and muffins
9:30 am: Celtic liturgy (40 minutes)
(During these days of social distancing, we are meeting by Zoom, join our Facebook group for info or email Walter Thiessen (

Since 2007, a smaller, early service has been meeting in a style we refer to as Celtic – mostly because we identify with this tradition’s valuing of the informal use of liturgy.

We alternate between two liturgies that draw on our own creativity as well as Celtic communities like Iona and Northumbria, modeled on a contemplative approach that engages positively with culture. We hope the liturgy can create a beautiful and consistent framework that will allow the meaning of the words to soak into us as we grow more and more familiar with them over time. Within the form created by the liturgy, there are moments for sharing reflections on the weekly readings and shared prayers for others.

After the service, people often linger and chat around the tables in the cafe reflecting on their week or thoughts from the service. Everyone is welcome!

SCC Kids & Youth

Sunday at 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Children’s Program and Nursery care provided.

Joy Green is now leading the way with our kids! There will be lots of fun, lots of learning and lots of new things happening. Join the SCC Kids Facebook page for all the latest.

Janell deGraaff leads with the youth on Sunday mornings and connecting for different activities during the week.

Victoria Street Community Garden

In 2012, we decided to start a community garden. We named it the Victoria Street Community Garden to help ensure it would be a welcoming place for everyone in the community, not just those from SCC. With the help of some grants and lots of hard work from volunteer work parties over the years, we’ve added raised beds, a garden shed, trellises, and a high-tech rain collector from the church roof!

 “Garden beds available – come join us!”


The garden has a perennial border to face the street and eight beds dedicated to grow food for the local food bank. If you’d like to adopt one of the food bank beds (care for it through the growing season), please email

You can also get a better sense of the garden by checking out our Welcome Pack and 2020 Garden Plan . Or join our Facebook group .

Prayer and Healing Team


At the Victoria Street Centre, at home, or somewhere else.


The purpose of the prayer and healing team is to provide people support, compassion, and a safe place to seek something from God, whether it is healing or otherwise.

What to expect

  • To be listened to by caring people who will offer prayers
  • Two team members will be present, at a minimum
  • What you share is confidential unless there is an indication of danger to self or others
  • To be asked how you would like to be prayed for

 What not to expect

  • Counselling on personal issues
  • Pressure to contrive a spiritual experience
  • Long religious prayers
  • Guarantees on the result you seek
  • Advice contrary to medical professionals

How to meet with the Healing & Prayer team?

  • Email or call Alex at 506-321-1884 to set up a prayer time.
  • Interested in helping the for now ‘virtual’ prayer room? Contact Alex

The Gathering

The Gathering is a ministry of SCC. Every month on the 3rd Saturday, a group meets to prepare and celebrate a meal together. During this time, a store is run upstairs and the proceeds go to the Food Bank in St. Stephen.

The Gathering is centred around 4 values: friends, faith, food and fun.To learn more about what’s happening and how you can be involved please talk to Geordie or Kathy Hull or email or contact Peter or Mary Ellen Fitch (506-466-5725). Also you can check us out on Facebook under “The Gathering”!

Helpers are always welcome and needed! You can help with set up/ clean up, cooking, or just hang out and have conversation and enjoy people.

Thanks to all who donate gently used clothing and household items to the Gathering Store.  If you, or someone you know has a need for these items, please contact us and we’ll try to hook you up!