Take a Different View

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In this first Sunday of Lent, Peter Fitch describes thoughts that he had this week that reminded him of the beauty of tradition, ritual and orthodox belief. Quite a few of these were influenced by music and writings from Canadian musician, Steve Bell, so Peter chose to play songs of his before and after the talk. In preparation for Easter, Peter suggests that we remember that it takes a community of friends to show us who we really are because we have many hidden aspects. We are all spinning jewels. Then he asks if God might be the same way and shares his desire to see God in this season in a different way than he normally does. 
Before the talk, we listened to Steve sing Bruce Cockburn’s “All the Diamonds.” 
Then we listened to Steve’s version of the Lord’s Prayer.
After the talk we listened to Steve sing Bruce Cockburn’s “Lord of the Starfields”.
We finished the service with Steve singing “Kindness“. 


Click here for the talk notes.

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