What Matters?

Peter Fitch continues the discussion from last week regarding the Gospel of John and the Gospel of Thomas. If both have beautiful and important things to say, is it possible to bring the best points together? Is a synthesis possible? To explore this further, Peter asks everyone to spend a few minutes in silence, thinking about the meaning of John, chapter 1, verse 1. What is meant by “the Word”? Behind it all, there seem to be questions about matter and spirit. How are they married in Jesus, and what should our posture be like? Should we concentrate on spirit, drawing bounds of exclusion with those who don’t share our interest or belief, or should we ignore spirit in our quest to be comfortable and, perhaps, some of the richest part of the human experience?
We started today by listening to Bruce Cockburn, Lord of the Starfields and ended with You Make Beautiful Things by Gungor.

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