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Peter Fitch expressed his view that Palm Sunday is a great reminder of the need for discernment. There is more than one way to think about God and what “the good” might look like. People welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem but turned on Him soon after that. Behind it all are questions about the nature of God. Peter next looks at the story of the leper who wants to know if Jesus is willing to heal him and, after that, he turns to a story about Brother Masseo, one of the original Franciscans, as he discovers that God’s willingness is different, and better, than he could have imagined. 

Here are links to the music we listened to today ( we had to edit the clips of music out of the video because of YouTube copyrights):

Bill Withers, John Legend & Stevie Wonder – Lean on Me

U2 – Where the Streets Have No Name

Billy Joel – I Love You Just the Way You Are

Joe Satriani  –   I’ll Put a Stone on Your Cairn

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