New Brunswick 211!

United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte: 211 is a free, confidential information and referral line that will help New Brunswickers navigate and connect to the network of community, social, non-clinical health and government services available across the province. When you don’t know what is available or where to turn to, call 211 and the community navigators will help you find the right service in your area, if it’s available. 211 does not provide case management or crisis counselling – it’s a referral resource: the community navigators will help you track down the community and government supports that are out there and ready to help. Additionally, 211 has access to 170 languages through interpretation services, helping community members express themselves and speak about their issues with as much ease as possible.

The issues 211 can help with are vast: from food security, housing, mental health and helping New Brunswickers heat their homes to finding home care for aging parents, substance abuse, job loss or training, dealing with a troubled teenager or youth and more. Even seemingly trivial issues like helping a senior de-snow their driveway are all things 211 can help with. 211 is the front door to social, community and human services, and is never the wrong number to call.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Please also let people know about 211 and share through your channels – social media, email, and word of mouth.
  • Please use 211 to help find resources for your people you support through your incredible programs. This is an information and referral tool which will help you with the heavy lifting so you can focus on your people and their needs rather than research on available services.

ESIC: 211 NB now accessible across Province

CBC: New Brunswickers can now call 211 to connect with all social services 

Online Senior Support Resource

Find programs and services for New Brunswick seniors through this online resource. The aim of this is to help seniors, their families and caregivers navigate and explore available government programs and services.


NB Community Transportation Network

The New Brunswick Community Transportation Service is a network of non-profit organizations offering equitable community transportation solutions when no affordable and accessible service is available in a community. Under ESIC leadership, this network has been working together amidst COVID19 to develop safe protocols and become a more cohesive network for transportation. Charlotte Dial-A-Ride is part of this network. 

To find other community transportation services in other parts of the province, check out:


Custom Notifications for CMHA 

Canadian Mental Health Association of New Brunswick is revamping the way they let you know what’s going on at the CMHA. Please take a moment to fill out the form (see link below) to sign up to receive notifications for upcoming CMHA of NB events, workshops, volunteer opportunities, etc in your area. If you would like to receive specific information, please make sure to check the boxes that interest you only.

Click here to sign up: http://eepurl.com/hcwDpX  

Mental Health Resources from Government

Earlier this year the Government of Canada introduced two programs that are available free of charge to all Canadians:

• A toll-free 24/7 crisis hotline is available at 1.844.751.2133. Individuals will receive crisis counseling support and/or referral to community resources.

• A global mental health support program called Wellness Together Canada. It consists of free online resources, tools, apps, as well as connections to trained volunteers and qualified mental health professionals.

GoC’s Taking care of your mental and physical health during the COVID-19 pandemic resource page.

GNB’s Mental Health and Coping during Covid-19 resource page 

COVID-19 Self-Assessment

You can now request a test for COVID-19 online.  Please follow the link below:


Financial Relief Navigator

The Financial Relief Navigator is provided to help Canadians learn about all of the money support that they can get during the COVID-19 pandemic. The information and resources provided are based on what federal, provincial and territorial governments have shared publicly to support Canadians in these difficult times. You will also find information on other relief measures that banks/credit unions, utility companies and others have put in place to help Canadians during the crisis.

Financial Relief Navigator


Round 2 of the Emergency Community Support Fund is wrapping up this week

Registered charities, and other qualified donees providing front-line services to vulnerable populations impacted by COVID-19 are welcome to apply for grants. Deadline to apply is October 30th.  

For more information and to apply please see the links below:

United Way Saint John, Kings & Charlotte – https://unitedwaysaintjohn.com/apply-for-funding-demande-de-financement/

Fundy Community Foundation http://www.fcf.nb.ca/grants/about

Canadian Red CrossMore info

Government of Canada: Reaching Home

Preventing and reducing homelessness by providing direct support and funding to Designated Communities (urban centers), Indigenous communities, territorial communities and rural and remote communities across Canada.

Community Entities website (through Bathurst Youth Centre): information here.

Updated Reaching Home program info (Gov Canada): Reaching Home: Canada’s Homelessness Strategy Directives – Canada.ca

Government of New Brunswick: Community Food Action Grant – Healthy People

The CFA grant program can provide up to $5,000 to support community-led solutions to help improve healthy eating in New Brunswick by creating greater food security at the community level.

Government of Canada: Local Food Infrastructure Fund

The fund supports community-based, not-for-profit organizations to improve their food systems through investments in infrastructure that are directly related to addressing food insecurities and increasing the accessibility of healthy, nutritious, and ideally, local foods within their community. Applications for Phase 2 are now being accepted.

Rising Youth: Ongoing Grants

Youth-led Community service grants. Apply anytime. Priority goes to initiatives that respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

More about VCCC

Vibrant Communities Charlotte County (VCCC) supports poverty reduction initiatives throughout the County through planning, coordination, networking, information, and grant funding services. VCCC is a Community Inclusion Network (CIN) under the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation (ESIC), charged with poverty reduction in the province. 

VCCC strives to take an asset-based community development approach, working with citizens, nonprofits and organizations to empower the community by fostering connection, collaboration and utilizing the resources that are already present. Areas of focus for VCCC include housing, transportation, learning, wellness, economic development, food security and capacity building.

If you have an initiative you would like to talk through and would like to find out what kind of support is available through VCCC, get in touch with Raymond Funk (ray@vibrantcc.ca).

NB’s Poverty Reduction Plan: Overcoming Poverty Together 3: The New Brunswick Economic and Social Inclusion Plan

Raymond Funk

Community Coordinator/Coordonnatrice Communautaire
Vibrant Communities Charlotte County/Comté de Charlotte 
Tel: (506) 321-2297
Email:  ray@vibrantcc.ca

Working Together to Reduce Poverty/ 
La réduction de la pauvreté, c’est l’affaire de tous! 

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