For the Love of Mary

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For the Love of Mary / December 23, 2018

Hannah Bernard and Joy Green examine some stories that they feel are in need of redemption, especially Little Red Riding Hood and Eve in the Garden of Eden. In each of these, they think that underlying questions and assumptions need to be re-examined as there have been significant and damaging consequences for women. They would like to see women play the role of “wolf” in the fairy tale, and they think there would be great benefits for everyone if they did.

The talk is prefaced by a

that Zoe Fitch and Dave Warne (Colourful Language) wrote for Isaac Fitch and Nancy Cockrum’s wedding. Based on a series of novels by Ursula K. Le Guin, they have a character sing, “I forgot just how much Light there is, until you gave it back to me.” At the end of the talk, Zoe and Dave sing another song that works perfectly with the theme of the teaching. 
to songs at end of service.

Link to video used in Advent candle lighting this week, “The First Noel” Leslie Odom Jr.with the PS22 Chorus.


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