Front Streets and Backyards

By August 1, 2021 No Comments
Zoe Fitch sings three new songs that she has written and, in one of them, she  makes the comment that people might go down our front street and think nothing is happening here. However, that would be a complete mistake because there is so much going on in people’s backyards. There is gardening and crafting and many forms of “making.” This fits very well with Peter’s talk for today. He brings a story from the New Testament and follows with an article about New Zealand from the BBC. Sometimes people put their trust in systems of understanding that really don’t help, like the woman who felt like an outcast for 12 years with internal bleeding. The doctors of her day couldn’t help her but touching Jesus’ outer garment did. She reached toward the place of best energy and it changed her life. Jacinda Ardern apologizes to Pacific Islanders for a past injustice, and it seems like she, too, is reaching toward the place of best energy. 
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