God’s Dream for a New World

By March 19, 2023 No Comments
Children of the World Dream of Peace - a mural at the Denver Airport

Bradley Jersak, friend of SSC, spoke about God’s dream for a new world based on the vivid imagery of Isaiah 2, 9, 25 and 35, with a nod to Revelation 21-22. These dreams are not about heaven after we die or at the end of time, but meant for real life in our world. In Luke 4, Jesus even says they are fulfilled today, wherever mustard seeds of selfless love are sown. While we await the restoration of all things, we already see signs of what’s coming in communities like SCC and St Stephen, poking through the long winter like snowdrops and crocuses. You can listen to his talk below (as well as a song from Raymond and friends at the end).

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