Plain Jesus: The Turnaround (II) – We are the Weak

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Plain Jesus: The Turnaround (II) – We are the Weak / March 3, 2019

Continuing on from his last talk, Walter Thiessen explores the central role of acknowledging that in one way or another, we are all the weak, the poor, the broken. Salvation is responding to invitation to solidarity with the poor, and true abundance is the experience when this solidarity is manifested generously in a community. (He may also have suggested that spiritual experiences when one is not in solidarity with the poor, may not actually involve Jesus.) At one point in the talk reference was made to our need as communities and nations to be in solidarity with other communities and nations; the example was given of Canada shirking on its commitment to hiring an “ombudsperson” to hold Canadian mining corporations accountable for their actions internationally. You can find information on how to contact your MP about that here. (This action is strongly supported by church groups like Kairos and MCC.)

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