Pride Is Possible

By June 5, 2023 No Comments
white dove carrying a leaf the colours of a pride flag

On the first Sunday of Pride month, Jess Williams reflects on the history of Pride and how it models a way of walking the path Jesus walked while highlighting the history of St. Croix Church and its decision to split paths with the Vineyard. She encourages us to continue to allow the stories and experiences of others to shape us as we strive to be a loving and inclusive church that is still learning and growing together. Then, Janell de Graaff shared her personal story of discovering her sexuality, and how being a part of a community like ours helped make it possible for her to do that with the security of knowing we’d be PROUD of her and celebrate alongside her. It was a beautiful morning, full of queer voices and much pride. We also prayed this prayer together, written by Jordan Sullivan, and watched this film from Nadia Bolz-Webber. To close, Lady Gaga sang us home in this moving rendition of her song, Born This Way. [image by @scottthepainter]

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