Incarnational Faith: The Vulnerability of Becoming Flesh 

By October 1, 2023 October 3rd, 2023 No Comments
young mother holding infant

Alternative title: “I Don’t Want To Be Here” courtesy of Raymond Funk. Today, Jess Williams continued our theme “Being Human Together” with a talk of many titles, and two of them made it to the final cut! Through the lens of the Christ Hymn and early Christian teachings on the meaning of the incarnation, Jess explored how vulnerable it is to allow ourselves to be visible in the world, and she asks how seeing ourselves and each other as Image Bearers of the Divine might impact the way we live. You can view the powerpoint here. And near the end of the service we listened to an excerpt from David Whyte, in an interview for the On Being podcast. You can listen to the full episode here:

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